Anya Jocson is a visual artist from Nicosia, Cyprus. She creates murals, large scale drawings and digital art works. Born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus to Filipino decent, Anya found her love for public art amidst the streets that doubled as a gallery. Surrounded by the physical imprint of the divided and multicultural city she grew up in, every wall, space and sculpture whispered a story to her. 
Anya studied Fine Arts at the university of arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands and graduated in 2022. Since then she has worked on commissions and painted murals for both residential and commercial clients and public based projects in parts of the Netherlands and the United States. Anya's portfolio consists of projects with a variety of techniques and methods, from monochromatic intricate works made with pen and ink to colorful expressive brush strokes. 
Her work is influenced by nature, Mediterranean patterns, people and places. The intersection of travel and multicultural experiences has a profound impact on her artistic expression. 
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